Executive Profiles

Executive Profiles from Heritage Films are high-quality, thoroughly researched, impeccably executed productions that tell the story behind the leader.

Tell your story. Impart the wisdom you’ve learned throughout this ongoing journey. Motivate your employees by sharing the obstacles you’ve overcome. Show your investors why you work as hard as you do. Let your customers feel the passion you have for your business.

Heritage Films produces Executive Profiles that communicate your past, present, and future. The profile can be crafted to be exactly appropriate for your website. The film can be parsed out over a series of monthly employee emails. Perhaps you do speaking engagements or quarterly calls and need a powerful ice breaker. There are no limits to the applications of a professional, elegant, and intentional production that puts a personality behind a person.

Telling your story can include many elements, but the centerpiece is an interview with you. We may also interview your peers, mentors, teachers, family, pastor, customers, or anyone else that can contribute to your story. We use archival newspapers, television broadcasts, location filming, family photos, yearbooks, awards, and other assets to create a real documentary film.

A Documentary Film About You

Thank you for your interest in a Heritage Films Executive Profile. The modern consumer, employee, and investor wants to know the people with whom they are involved. Look no further than the explosion of social media over the last decade to see that our thirst to know the behind-the-scenes stories of people is insatiable. Give them another reason to trust you. When your Executive Profile is complete, you will have an invaluable asset that effectively communicates your personal and professional story.

Chance McClain
Heritage Legacy Films