About Us

We are Heritage Films. 

Michael Berry, nationally-syndicated radio host, asked his buddy Heritage Films founder Chance McClain to bring all of his gear to his home to film his dad. He didn’t want anything special, “it’s just that, dad is 75, retired, but essentially the same guy I came home to in high school. I want my kids and future grandkids to know him just like this.”
So, Chance did.
Mr. Berry didn’t know what all of the fuss was about, but agreed to sit down and chat on camera. What was supposed to be a 45-minute interview turned into a whole day of filmed conversation.
A company was born.
Since that day, we have found remarkable stories hiding inside everyone.
At Heritage Films, we believe, and prove, that there are extraordinary stories  in everyone.

Heritage Films combines decades of experience in traditional film production with an insatiable desire to tell your story. We bring the equipment and industry standards ordinarily reserved for Hollywood productions into your home and, along with your pictures and family videos,  transform a simple conversation into a documentary film.

Of course we cover the bases…childhood, career, places you’ve lived…but even more cherished are the little things. Tell us about that one car you had that was a clunker. Share with us a story involving a sandwich. What is the little life lesson you wish millennials would learn? Things like that.

After conversations with your loved ones, we learn just enough about you to be dangerous. We then sit down with you under the bright lights and unfold a life well lived.