Creating Legacy Activities

Creating Legacy Activities

The best way for caregivers and families to preserve a loved one’s life stories is by creating different kinds of legacy activities.  But what is a legacy activity? If you create an item that acts as a memento and a source of pleasant memories for a loved one, then that is what is referred to as a legacy activity.

Legacy activities are usually split into two categories, planned and unplanned legacy activities. In this blog, we will discuss planned legacy activities which involve a life review through real stories, artwork, videos, and photographs.

Why do you need legacy activities?

The purpose of legacy building activities is to help bring meaning to the life the person lived and to recognize their worth by living through future generations.

How to start legacy building

There are a couple of activities that should be in legacy building activities. They include:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Creating a journal or a booklet
  • Setting up chronicles of videos and pictures with Heritage Films

Memories of their childhood and important events in their life can be a great start for families and caregivers to help the individual to compile, followed by in-depth video interviews covering topics such as their favorite travel destinations, films, songs, pictures, poems etc.

At Heritage Films, we help preserve the memoirs of your loved ones so that future generations may experience them sharing their stories in their own voice.  Request a complimentary consultation today and let’s talk about your story…

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