Coco captures family legacy

Family Legacy is the Driving Theme of Pixar’s Coco

Pixar’s new animated masterpiece Coco captivates by touching on a theme that is universal to audiences of all cultures: Family history and legacy.

Coco’s central character is Miguel Rivera, a 12-year-old boy whose dream of being a musician clashes sharply with the aims of his family, which has inexplicably banished all forms of music for generations. Not content to follow the traditional path laid out for him without a fight, Miguel’s heart leads him on a compelling journey through the otherworldly Land of the Dead, where the mysteries of his native ancestry – and the reasons behind his family’s ancient ban on music – lie in wait of discovery. It’s in this colorful netherworld that the souls of his ancestors remain, longing to return to active life on Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) and share their love and wisdom with the family they left behind – and the family they never knew. They only need to establish a connection between one living relative in order to accomplish this and set their souls free – and Miguel is that lifeline.

Young or old, male or female, regardless of our specific heritage, Miguel’s quest strikes a chord in all of us. Without even knowing it, we all feel the quiet pull of our ancestors – those suffering with their own sense of separation – urging us to acknowledge them, to help us heal and return to unity consciousness. Most of us know all too well the pain of living our whole lives in accordance with what we feel our living family wants, because they also feel the isolation of this abyss separating them from the past. That’s why we can’t help but silently encourage young Coco to find success in his journey – a journey we all secretly know we have to take.

Hazel Hudson, who attended a screening of Coco during the Thanksgiving holidays with her mother, husband and three children, certainly knows the value of taking such a journey. According to Mrs. Hudson, the film sparked a natural curiosity in her children that had them practically grilling her and her elderly mother the whole ride home about their unique family history. The generation gap seemed to close completely as they learned about the parallels between their own lives and those of their distant relatives, who were predominantly of Swedish and Native American lineage. “I had never seen them so animated,” Hazel says, smiling as she recalls her children’s excitement. “To see them suddenly so fascinated by my mother’s stories, which before usually had them bored to tears, was something I felt incredibly fortunate to see. It’s not easy to pry kids today away from their iPads long enough to interest them in the past. If you want to ignite your kids’ passion for history, especially your own family history, Coco is a must-see.”

Through the soul-affirming spell it weaves, Coco reveals the personal growth and sense of boundless connection inspired in us when we pry open the treasure chests preserved by our ancestors. Their stories are the jewels that we need to heal ourselves and our broken familial relationships, allowing us to finally embark on the life journey we’ve always longed for. And by remembering and sharing them, we catch a glimpse of the immortal soul within all of us, which gives us peace in the knowledge that we’re all eternally connected – and can never really die.

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