Single Person Heritage Film

A Heritage Film preserves the stories and memories of your family for generations. It’s a gift to the whole family for generations to come honoring the person being filmed with their stories.

The process is simple and fun. 


There are two forms to fill out. The first contains basic biographical information about the subject. From parents’ names to birthdays to schools attended to places lived, it’s a brief glimpse into key factors that surround the stories of our lives. The second form is for friends and family members to request specific stories and recollections they would like the producer to discuss. 

During this time, you will select a filming date and begin gathering your photographs to be included in the production. Once you’ve gathered your pictures and picked a date it’s…


The crew will show up at a prearranged time and begin setting up. While they work, your producer will sit down for an informal visit. After about an hour, they will carry this light-hearted conversation into the filming area and off they go. 

The filming itself is more of a conversation than an interview. Throughout the day, we take many breaks and ensure that the subject is comfortable. Generally, the crew will leave for lunch and return after an hour.

Once the discussion is completed, we pick up our equipment and return your home to how we found it as your production moves on to…

3 – EDIT

Your edit will take approximately 5 weeks. During this time our team of professionals mix and match the interview into a narrative that tells a single story. 

There are multiple stations along the way where different talented individuals apply their specific areas of expertise to the finished film. It starts with Story Assembly where the interview is braided together with family pictures. From there, a Visual Effects artist further hones the film adding animations, music, titles, and other elements. Then an outside person reviews the film looking for inconsistencies, distractions, and errors. Their notes are then applied to the edit before sending the film to…


At this stage, we send you your film. Ostensibly, it is completed, but in our world you are the Executive Producer of this film. So we need to make sure it is right for you. We may have misspelled a name or location. We may have mislabeled a picture. We send you a link to an online tool that is as easy as YouTube where you watch your film and provide us with necessary modifications. We make your corrections and you’re done!