Big Thoughts On Legacy This Thanksgiving

Big Thoughts On Legacy This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is first and foremost a holiday about family, food, and football for most people. They care deeply about spending time with those they love and it is always nice to have copious amounts of food to go around as well. Those are the big things that get zeroed in on for this particular holiday, but they are not the only things that we should be taking into account. Are we supposed to ignore the fact that Thanksgiving is literally about giving thanks for the many blessings that we have been given? Sometimes it is best to try to focus back in on the meaning of the holiday itself.

What Is The Legacy You Are Leaving Behind?

You have to ask yourself how the world will remember you when you are long gone. Everyone wants to leave a lasting legacy of some sort. Most of us care about setting a good example for our children and grandchildren. If that sounds like you then it is time to update your goals for the legacy you leave behind.

Volunteering is a vital part of this holiday. There are so many opportunities to get involved and help out others during this holiday time of year. You an look at popular organizations such as the Red Cross or the Salvation Army as potential places to give some of your time and/or money. In addition to helping out those in need you will also be setting a good example for those who look up to you.

Remembering All That You Do Have

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the consumerism of the season and forget to at least be grateful for the things that you already do have in your life. We take things like our health, family, and possessions for granted sometimes. When we do this we are doing a big disservice to ourselves and those parts of our lives that honestly should matter tremendously.

Taking some time out of your schedule during the holidays to visit a local hospital or just be around people who do not have as much fortune in this world as yourself is a great way to help make sure you stay grounded. Being humble and remembering that you are very lucky to be in the position that you are in to begin with is so very important in this life.

Make It A Tradition

It is nice to go out for one holiday season and do some good in the world, but what if you could make that an every year kind of thing? Some families make the conscious choice to make their new Thanksgiving spirit of giving something that they make an annual tradition. Even better than that are those who decide that their charitable spirit does not need to end just because the holidays are coming to close. Those people are making a choice to keep it going even when others fall away. Remember, need does not end when the holidays do.

You give up some small portion of your time and energy in order to remind yourself that you are truly in a pretty good spot in life. Regaining that sense brings more joy to the holiday itself and can create a legacy for you that you have always wanted. Don’t let another year go by in which you only take from this world. Make sure you find some way to use the skills and time that you have on your hands to help to make this world a truly better place for your fellow human being.

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