The Best Halloween Activities Grandparents and Grand kids Can Share

The Best Halloween Activities Grandparents and Grand kids Can Share

Fun Halloween Activities

As Halloween approaches, grandparents are looking for fun activities for their grand kids. There are a lot of excellent Halloween activities to be shared whether you are in an assisted living facility or at home. Some of the best ideas are described below.

Sweet and Spooky Treats

One of the best ways to teach your grand kids kitchen skills is by baking sweets with them. You can have a lot of fun passing down your old family recipes. If your little ones are not old enough to learn how to measure ingredients, you can make desserts they can decorate. The kids can use sprinkles and icing to decorate cupcakes and sugar cookies. Pick sensational colors for Halloween such as orange, green and purple.

Even little kids will have a blast making googly eye pretzels and they are easy to put together. The Lauren Kelly Nutrition blog featured them. If your grand kids are a bit older and know how to follow directions, have fun all afternoon by making an edible haunted house. The one on Woman’s Day featured cookie, candy and Golden Graham Cereal. These haunted houses are to die for.

The Spooktacular Holiday

If you choose the right movies, you can have a lot of fun without giving the kid’s nightmares. Casper came out in 1995 and is about a friendly ghost. This movie is not scary but it is excellent for Halloween. Hocus Pocus dates back to 1993. This is about three quirky Salem sisters. It is comical instead of frightening and is often seen on the Disney channel.

Halloweentown is about a young witch who uses her new powers to save Halloweentown. This 1998 classic is filled with supernatural creatures and magic. This movie was made for the Disney Channel so young viewers were kept in mind. R.L. Stine wrote a series in addition to Goosebumps in 2008 called Mostly Ghostly. The film was inspired by the books about a little boy who become friends with the young ghosts who live in his home.

In 2005, children were delighted with Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie. The gang from the Hundred Acre Woods hunt down the Gobloon. This includes Pooh and Tigger. Whoever catches him first is granted a wish. Just remember to make some popcorn.

The Thrilling Books

Reading to your grand kids before bed is sure to make fond memories for everyone. It is important to choose a book that is not too scary. Stephen King is simply not an option. J.K. Rowling’s series about Harry Potter is not about Halloween. It is filled with wizards, magic and enchanting stories. Millions of people all over the world adore this series. You can begin with the first of the seven books on Halloween. This might start a new reading routine for your grand kids at night.

Julia Donaldson wrote the bestseller Room on the Broom. This is a magical journey for kids. Numerous important items have been lost by a witch. The animals find them and want to ride on her broom. The kids will wonder if the witch can make enough room on her broom for everyone.

Your grand kids will loose themselves in The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. This is about a little old lady who receives quite a scare when walking home. Every object she comes across makes noises such as shake, shake and clomp, clomp. This provides a lot of opportunities to tell the story about grandma.

Halloween is a lot of fun for people of every age and the young at heart. No matter what you choose to do, spend Halloween with your special grand kids.

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