Getting the Family Involved in Genealogy

Getting the Family Involved in Genealogy

Family reunions were once a time for bringing close and distant relatives together for a day of food, friendship and reminiscing. Modern technology has shifted this annual event to online notifications of birthdays, weddings and deaths. While keeping informed of events is important, the emotional aspect of one’s heritage is all but forgotten.

One company, Heritage Films, is committed to bringing family history and memories back into an age where the past is forgotten. Understanding your family heritage is more than just seeing the demographics and last name changes through marriage. It is a chance to compare family traits, reunite with relatives and hear interesting stories.

One particular family history project involved a genealogy tracking that had been conducted years prior by a local enthusiast. The facts of the family tree were laid out in detail. This may sound amazing but without an accompanied story and video, the names were not very intriguing. Heritage Films was able to provide the steps in gathering old pictures, how to contact distant relatives, and create a timeline in video form that delivered an awesome story. Starting with knights of the round table, the movie clips created a sense of pride and reality to everyone involved.

How to Start your Ancestry Production

Collecting old photographs and stories from relatives is a great way to start your journey into piecing together a story. Involve the family and let the research begin! Kids will love researching and finding unknown relatives on the Internet. Place older members of the family to searching for old pictures in boxes and attics. Journals from distant family members that may outline a trip to the states can render the excitement and reality of living in the past.

Make a vacation of traveling to long-lost relatives and quiz them about interesting stories within their immediate family. Use a tape recorder so that no detail is left out. This is one vacation that you will be happy to see come to an end as you race home to compile your findings.

Not all families are lucky enough to already have a family tree tracked. However, this only adds more fun to the discovery process. Once as much information as possible has been obtained, turn over your findings to Family Legacy Productions and wait for your personal movie to be produced.

You have probably made a lot of friends along your journey of ancestry discovery. Start up the family reunion again with new extended family members and show your video. Have copies made for everyone and make it a habit to meet again. You will be surprised at how many more stories there will be to share.

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