Building Legacy Through Stories

Building Legacy Through Stories

Much like snowflakes, no two families were created equal. Each ancestry is rich with history and individuality, making family legacies wholly unique and captivating. Unfortunately, our desire to focus on the future precludes us from digging up the past. Our ancestors are integral components in our stories, so it’s important we recognize them as the legacy-building characters they are.

As staunch proponents of building a legacy, we believe that it’s our children’s children who will keep our history alive. It’s for this reason why we encourage individuals to sprint down memory lane. However, this notion gives many people pause. Here are some common misgivings about capturing a legacy and how you can squelch these doubts.

“Writing Isn’t My Forte”

Writing is as simple as putting pen to paper. Or, more realistically, finger to keyboard. You don’t have to worry about eloquently weaving together a compelling story. All that’s required are the facts. As you begin telling the narrative, you’ll find just how painless and freeing it is. It doesn’t take a seasoned author to convey a good story, so just concern yourself with writing in your preferred tone and style. If the words written tell of your personal background, it’s already a beautiful story.

“I’m Unsure Of What To Write About”

I’ll let you in on a little-known secret: most writers seldom know where to begin. The English language is complex and comprised of seemingly infinite words. With that said, it can be challenging to get the ball rolling. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, don’t despair. As the words begin pouring out of you, it’ll be hard to cease them. When writer’s block rears its unproductive head, consider looking at pictures or any relics that may evoke memories. Inspiration comes in waves, so it’s prudent to keep a notebook on hand to jot down ideas as they come.

“I Don’t Have Enough Time”

Contrary to popular belief, not all writing is painstaking and time-consuming. It’s alright if you can’t dedicate hours to writing your story, but be mindful of those slices of time that you could be writing. For optimal convenience, consider recording notes on your phone. Not only is this timesaving, but it doesn’t require your hands either. With that said, you could take notes while preparing a meal or taking a walk. Most people are invariably pressed for time, but you can always find creative ways to carry out important tasks.

“Technology Eludes Me”

Gadgets and gizmos and devices, oh my! With technology perpetually advancing, you may find that a simpler approach is best. Don’t concern yourself with capturing your story on the latest desktop or Apple tablet. If a pen and paper are what you’re comfortable with, stick with that. If you’d like to pursue a digital video route but are reluctant to explore it, enlist the help of Heritage Films.

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