How Is Covid Affecting the Way People Are Preserving Family Memories?

How Is Covid Affecting the Way People Are Preserving Family Memories?

Remember When…

This year has been something else…natural disasters, medical disasters, social disasters, and more to come. By this point, our tolerance for the mayhem has skyrocketed, and honestly – it sucks. But you know what doesn’t suck? The value of spending time with your family has become invaluable. The conversations drift in a different direction. People say, “Let’s talk about something else, anything else!” and look for opportunities to say, “remember when…”

How We Are Spending Our Time

Our new normals are amplified versions of what they used to be. We’re familiar with binge-watching Netflix shows, but we’ve progressed to finishing entire seasons in under 24 hours. Rather than entertain, our addictive phones, TVs, and computers do little more than placate us. We feel hollow at the end of a day spent mindlessly scrolling our social feeds. 

How We Could Should Spend Our Time


This isolation-frustration presents an amazing opportunity. It can spark curiosity. We can find our way back to a more simple time to find fulfillment. Whether it’s sitting across the table challenging your uncle in a game of chess, lingering in the kitchen and taking notes on grandma’s shortbread recipe, or taking your niece down to the pond to feed the ducks…there are opportunities of soul-enriching nostalgia ready and waiting. 


When you’re “stuck at home” with a select few, you can zone out to The Walking Dead Marathon, or you can learn more about one another. Talk through memories, experiences, hardships, and successes rather than rambling about the hot topic du jour on FaceBook. Instead of Door Dashing a mega-super-Godzilla Burrito, help mom make homemade mac & cheese and ask her about her high school days.

Tell Us a Story

Among the many negative aspects of COVID-19 and the pursuant lockdowns lies a positive development: introspection. Our interest in who we are and where we come from is piqued. Let’s go way back! What stories were your grandparents told about when they were kids? When did they get their first car? What was their first date like? These family memories can last beyond their time when you ask the right questions. 


At Heritage Films, we have filmed hundreds of families and have the privilege of hearing all kinds of stories from immigrant stories to business success stories. Our goal is to help tell your story and preserve it for future generations. Visit us at to learn more about our process and how to schedule a consultation!

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