Grandparents Day Celebrates a Special Bond

Grandparents Day Celebrates a Special Bond

Grandparents Day Celebrates a Special Bond

The love between grandparents and their grandchildren is undeniable, and grandparents fill so many important roles in today’s families. From babysitting to serving as field trip chaperones, grandparents are there to support their kids and grand-kids every step of the way.

Grandparents Day is a national holiday established to honor grandparents for the love and support they provide to their grandchildren. It is celebrated each September on the first Sunday following Labor Day. It was established in 1978 with a presidential proclamation signed by president Jimmy Carter. The proclamation was the culmination of an eight year campaign by Marian McQuade to highlight the important role seniors play in society and to establish a day of celebration for grandparents.

While there are many ways to celebrate Grandparents Day, the objective is always to facilitate quality time between grand-kids and grandparents. A simple yet effective way to honor grandparents is with handmade cards, filled with unique touches grandma and grandpa will love. As Grandparents Day has grown in popularity, many stores have begun to offer Grandparent Day cards and novelties as well.

Grandparents who have a favorite past time like fishing, gardening, or cooking might enjoy the opportunity to spend the day sharing the experience with their grandchildren. Grandparents might also enjoy attending an art or music class with their grand-kids so they can both learn something new together.

Like the official Grandparents Day flower, forget-me-nots, this is a holiday designed to let grandmothers and grandfathers know that their lifetime of hard work and sacrifice has not been forgotten. Creating a scrapbook of pictures showing special times together is a great way to create new memories with grandparents by memorializing fun times from the past.

Whether it is an invitation to a Grandparents Day program at school, a grandparent themed activity at a national park, or a field trip with the grandkids to a local landmark, there are many ways to make Grandparents Day memorable and fun.

There are as many ways to celebrate Grandparents Day as there are families, but sometimes, a simple gesture such as taking a grandparent out to dinner or to the theater to catch a movie can make a big impact.

A sure fire way to put a smile on any grandparent’s face is a thoughtful present. Baked treats can make for a delicious and thoughtful gift, and anything handmade by a grandchild will always be a hit. Of course, the greatest gift is always time spent together.

Depending on the age of the grand kids, reading stories, playing board games, or even working on a craft project could all be wonderful ways to spend meaningful time with grandparents.

Although Grandparents Day is a wonderful way to honor the unique role grandparents play in so many families, it is important that grandparents know how much they are loved and appreciated all year. Be sure to set aside time for grand kids and grandparents to interact on a regular basis. There is so much wisdom and love that grandparents have to share not just on Grandparents Day, but also throughout the year.

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