Children Benefit from Spending Time with Grandparents

Children Benefit from Spending Time with Grandparents

The desire of grandparents to spend lots of time with, and in some cases, “spoil” their grandkids with treats and presents is well-known and often joked about. However, grandparents can be a tremendous resource to busy families by offering much needed assistance and providing love and support to their grandchildren. Families fortunate enough to live close to grandparents are able to provide their children with the tremendous benefits that flow from spending time with someone that knows them well and loves them unconditionally.

Planning Special Activities
Sometimes, grandparents are able to share special activities with their grandchildren, such as sewing, gardening or cooking, that are not only enjoyable but are also important life skills. In a world dominated by phone apps and computer screens, grandparents can also provide an excellent way for grandchildren to unplug and explore the world. Camping trips, museum excursions, visits to parks, or backyard picnics are all examples of the types of activities that many grandparents have the time to plan and share with their grandkids. These types of activities provide the type of personal and undivided attention that children crave and need to develop into secure and happy adults.

Helping With Child Care
Some grandparents are able to help with child care duties. Because grandparents have a lifetime of experience gained from raising their own children, they have both the knowledge and the patience needed to deal with the inevitable problems that can arise when trying to meet a child’s unique needs. These types of child care arrangements are also beneficial because of the tremendous peace of mind they can provide for parents who are already stressed trying to keep all the moving parts of a family running smoothly.

Grandparents can be real lifesavers when an unexpected change of plans such as a sick child or a missed bus makes an already hectic day nearly unmanageable. By being available at a moments notice to provide fill-in transportation and child care, grandparents make their grandkids feel safe and secure knowing that no matter what, their needs will be met.

Provide a Safety Net and Life Lessons
The presence of grandparents increases the size of the safety net available to catch children who may be going through a difficult time or need someone to confide in. Sometimes, children feel more confident sharing things with grandparents than they do with their own parents. This could be because grandparents can offer a different perspective than parents and because there is not as much fear of punishment.

Another benefit children get from spending time with their grandparents is having access to their lifetime of wisdom, including stories that can provide them with a new perspective on their parents and what they were like as children. Grandparents can also provide children with much needed perspective about what is really important in life, such as taking the time to cultivate and cherish friends and family.

The special bond between grandparents and grandchildren cannot be denied. Children who are fortunate enough to spend quality time with their grandparents often reap benefits that endure throughout their lives.  Let the memories of grandparents stay with you children forever. Contact Heritage Films so we can capture their love and bond for your children forever.

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