The Best Thanksgiving Ever

The Best Thanksgiving Ever

The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? November 28th is right around the corner. Year after year your family is probably doing the same old thing. If you’re tired of the monotony, you should change it up and do something entirely different.

Thanksgiving Day is an important holiday. It recognizes all that we are thankful for. This is a day that friends and families should do something meaningful, which is why it should be much more than just socializing and sharing a meal together. There are a variety of different ways this important holiday can be celebrated. There is no one way or wrong way to do Turkey Day.

Here are a couple of ways you can celebrate the holiday with loved ones or friends who will be gathering around the Thanksgiving table this year.

Grab a sheet of paper and write or type out the names of every person who will be at your gathering. Make plenty of copies so that everyone has a copy of the guest list. Make sure you leave spaces between each name and some room to the right of the names. This space will be used for people to write what they love, admire, or like about the person beside their names. They cannot write about themselves. Next, cut all of the sheets into strips and put the strips for each attendee in a paper lunch bag. Be sure you write their names on every bag. After the bags are filled with strips, have your group open them so they can read the heartwarming comments your friends and family made about each other.

A few days before Thanksgiving, ask each potential attendee to compose a poem about what the holiday means to them or have them make a list of the things they are thankful for. Either before or after the big meal, allow every person to share what they wrote. The lists and poems can either be put into a keepsake book which can be duplicated and given to everyone who attended or can be put in a family scrapbook.

Prior to the meal, your guests could try a group project. First, give them some pens and stationery and ask anyone who might be interested to write a letter to a current member of the military conveying their appreciation for their service and bravery to our nation. You can find a list of organizations that can help you organize and transmit the mail to the troops in an internet search. Google would probably be the best search engine to use to find this information.

These ideas are only just a few that can make your Thanksgiving holiday one to remember for a long time. You can try these suggestions or come up with some of your own. The whole point of Thanksgiving is to do activities that will help us focus on the things and the people we are blessed and grateful to have in our lives. And that, in and of itself, is what Thanksgiving is truly all about.

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