Keep Your Family Stories Alive with Video

How to keep your family stories alive with video

Keep Your Family Stories Alive with Video

Behind every photograph, there lies a human story waiting to be told. The same goes for every name that appears on a family tree. In other words, the ancestors that preceded your existence on earth each had a life and a narrative. If you do nothing to rescue the stories that led to you being here, it becomes more and more likely with each year that passes that nobody ever will. Your children and grandchildren may have no way to unlock the history that you could have kept alive.

Memories Matter

Without memories, traditions slowly die; customs slip into a thing of the past. But it doesn’t have to be that way. First, make a genuine effort to browse through old photographs and jot down on the back of each one as much information about the people and settings that appear. Years from now, someone who has yet to even be born will thank you. If you neglect to put memories into written words, the relatives that come after you will have no way to find out anything other the names and dates of those who came before them. And names and dates offer little help in the process of telling a complete story.

Create a Presentation

Beyond a written account of details about the generations that came before you, the generations that will follow you will greatly appreciate a presentation of the facts that make the past come to life before their eyes. Instead of just jotting down a list of facts and leaving it at that, try to combine all of the facts to tell a compelling story that will capture the attention of your future great-grandchildren.

Even better, go beyond that step and turn the stories into a presentation with the use of technology. You can either produce a video or audio file by yourself or by hiring the professionals at Heritage Films to take care of it for you. Remember that the more time you spend researching and recalling all of the facts, the more interesting the final piece will ultimately turn out. An integral part of your research should include your detailed interviews with other members of your family. Be aware that each person has unique memories of the past and was told different stories by other relatives who have already passed away. You want to capture the memories of everyone you can in order to have as much information possible to fill in all of the gaps.

Impact the Future

Depending on your budget, you have several options to choose from when deciding exactly how your family’s story should be transformed into a production video. You could create a documentary to tell the stories. Or you could create a timeline that is supported by slides and audio. No matter what you do, make sure that the future does not arrive without the memories of your ancestors’ past being a part of it. Not only will your future kin be grateful for your work, but your work will help to make sure that your name is more than just a name to future generations.

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